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Root Canal Therapy in Palmdale

Palmdale Endodontist
Palmdale Endodontist

If you have a tooth that is very painful when you eat something hot or cold, you may have a tooth that needs root canal therapy. When a tooth is sensitive in this manner, it is usually because there is infection or decay at the center of the tooth. When this is the case, the only way the tooth can return to good health is with a root canal treatment. Root canal treatments are successful in over 90% of the cases in which they are performed. If you need a root canal therapy on a tooth, you will want to visit our Palmdale endodontist at ValleyWide Dental.

Just one of our fine endodontist is Dr. Robert Haze. If you come to our office with a painful tooth, our dentist will be able to thoroughly analyze your tooth situation and let you know the exact cause of your dental pain. He will then be able to provide you with appropriate treatment options. If you have a tooth that is infected, you will need to have a root canal treatment to save the tooth. This treatment will not only return your tooth to good health, but it will also stop any tooth pain you may be experiencing. Our Palmdale endodontist will be able to tell you more about your particular tooth situation once he has had a chance to examine it. Sometimes our dentist will see that the tooth will not benefit from root canal treatment, in which case it will be recommended that the tooth is extracted and that you get a dental implant or bridge to replace the missing tooth.

After analyzing your situation, our dentist will also be able to let you know the extent of the root canal treatment you will need. Treatment can be performed in one or two sessions at our dental office. During the root canal treatment the interior of the tooth and the root canal system will be thoroughly cleaned and all infection will be removed. The tooth will then be thoroughly sealed so that bacteria will not be able to reenter the tooth. After the root canal is performed, you must likely will need to get a dental crown to further protect and strengthen your tooth. You will be able to receive this dental crown at our dental practice as well. For an appointment to meet with our Palmdale endodontist to see what needs to be done for your painful tooth situation, contact us today.

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