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Dentures in Lancaster CA

Lancaster CA dentist
Lancaster CA dentist

If you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, dentures are a great solution. At our dental practice, ValleyWide Dental, our Lancaster CA dentist can provide you with beautiful well-fitting dentures; just one of our top-notch dentists is Dr. Robert Haze.

There are several different types of dentures including a removable bridge. A removable bridge is a removable replacement for some missing teeth and adjacent tissues. There are complete dentures which will replace all the teeth, or partial dentures which will fill in the spaces left by missing teeth. Partial dentures are very important since they will keep adjacent teeth from moving into the gaps left by the missing teeth; this will cause additional dental problems. Whatever type of denture you get, you can be sure that our Lancaster CA dentist will make sure that your new dentures are comfortable, attractive, well-fitting and fully-functional in your mouth. When you first get home with your new dentures you may be surprised to discover that they feel a bit awkward in your mouth. This is to be expected and is certainly not any cause for alarm. This is a very common occurrence sense wearing dentures is a big adjustment. Over a short amount of time, your mouth will become used to the new dentures and they will begin to feel perfectly comfortable. Before you leave our office our dentist and office staff will make sure that you know the proper way to maintain and care for your dentures. You will want to make sure that you do not drop your dentures when you remove them from your mouth as this can damage them. You may want to make sure that you remove them over the sink with a towel covering the sink to protect the dentures just in case they are dropped. Our dentist will also let you know how to soak your dentures when they are out of your mouth; it is important that they are kept moist to avoid any damage.

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