Kids dentist Palmdale

Kids Dentist Palmdale

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Early childhood cavities in Palmdale

Kids dentist Palmdale
Kids dentist Palmdale

Early childhood cavities are the result of many of the same causes as adult cavities. But kids have additional challenges when it comes to oral health care, and that’s why we at ValleyWide Dental have developed a strong strategy with the goal of preventing dental decay and the resulting cavities.

Children tend to like sugar a lot. But when it comes to dental decay, sugar combined with plaque, the bacterial film that forms on and between teeth, is a major cause of it. Watch not only for obvious sources of sugar, but also for ones that may be less easy to spot. For example, even 100% fruit juice, despite its nutritional benefits, is loaded with sugar. Brushing in the morning, before bed, and after meals is recommended by our kids dentist in Palmdale. Daily flossing is also important. Along with twice-yearly visits to our office for an examination and teeth cleaning, oral hygiene at home is essential to the prevention of dental decay. A cleaning removes any remaining plaque, along with hardened tartar, which cannot be eliminated with brushing and flossing. And our kids dentist in Palmdale will detect, with the assistance of x-rays, any cavities so that they can be filled while still small. Larger cavities only increase the likelihood of infections and tooth loss. Other effective methods include the use of sealants and fluoride treatments. Sealants serve to create a barrier that keeps bacteria from infiltrating your child’s teeth easily. And the benefits of fluoride, found in many municipal water supplies as well as most toothpastes, are undeniable. Fluoride treatments can be yet another vital tool in the prevention of childhood cavities.

Why not call us right now and schedule an examination and cleaning for your child with our kids dentist in Palmdale? Six month visits will put the odds in your child’s favor for optimal dental well-being.

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